Version BETA 7

Zview is a plugins based image and PDF browser, converter and viewer for Atari TOS and compatible systems.
This software is designed for modern TOS compatible operation systems and is under LGPL free software licence.
  • Fast thumbnail browsing.
  • Powerfull PDF reader.
  • Easily expandable by Plugins.
  • Load JPG, TIFF ( almost all the variants), PDF, GIF, Animated GIF, (X)IMG, Degas ( even the compressed ones), neochrome, PNG, BMP, Eureka RAW, GodPaint and TGA pictures.
  • Complete EXIF support.
  • Save in JPG, TIFF and GodPaint with many extended options.
  • Rock solid on every systems.
  • File's renaming directly in the browser.


Operating System: TOS 4.04, MiNT 1.15.12, MagiC 5.03 or better.
Free Disk Space: 1.5 MB for program files, codecs, fonts and documentation.
Processor: 68020 or better with FPU.
Memory: Minimum 3MB of free RAM( 16 MB for the PDF reader).


Click here to see some screenshots of Zview.



Application and codecs' source code