Libraries, Unix port, etc...

Here, you can find the zcodecs library and various Unix port that I have made.

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- Zcodecslib 1.01 is a library to use easily the zview's codecs. You can load, convert to screen format and zoom a picture with only one line. To use this library, you will need GCC 2.95 or better( documentation included).

- GCC 3.3.6 is a port of the award winning GNU compiler for MiNT. In this archive, you can find both the C and C++ compiler( 20 Mb).

Attention: The C compiler works perfectly but you need to know two importants things about the C++ compiler:

1. The created binary works with the TOS, MiNT but not with MagiC!
2. You need to pass the option "-fomit-frame-pointer" to the C++ compiler to free a necessary register.